Parenthood has been such a blessing for me. I've grown up so much, learning to deal with all the challenges. Colicky screaming, projectile poop--none of it fazes me anymore.

And little did I know how well those coping skills would apply at work.

Down there, things have gotten messier than a baby-food spit-up. Can you believe Fonzie getting into it with Mom over the police deal? As if she doesn't have enough to worry about at the moment. I guess that guy's starting to read the handwriting on the wall. He's really jumped the shark.

Speaking of which, I see the robber barons have a new face card out front--the main man from up on the hill. Nothing like a $600K-a-year doctor to keep the power costs down for the little people and their toasters. Sure, and if you believe that, he's got an aerial tram he wants to sell you.

I would have thought that with his kind of income, he'd want to while away his free time on a yacht or a golf course somewhere. Wait 'til he starts spending his fun-filled afternoons debating with Dan Meek.

One of these days I'll be running that company. But for now, I could use a break. Maybe after work tomorrow I'll cruise over to BridgePort for one of their new menu items. I hear one of the pizzas has enough meat to cover a large pie, but it's stacked up high on a 3-inch-diameter crust. They're calling it the "Homer Williams."

--Posted by Erik at 12:08 am