The dimly lit Dunes is normally an under-the-radar music lover's refuge of indie rock and all things experimental, its mostly bare interior all but hidden by an unmarked industrial storefront on Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. But on the first Friday of every month, Suicide Club transforms the wine- and beer-only dive's usual head-nodding, Pabst-fueled audience into a booty-shaking, Pabst-fueled dance party, as DJ Nightschool and a beat-hungry mob take over the club.

By 11 pm at Suicide Club's party earlier this month, bodies were starting to shift in time with DJ Nightschool's mix of mutant disco, nowave, electro, hip-hop...even a guilty Britney pleasure or two. But the crowd wasn't the sweaty, dancing frotage-fest Suicide regulars like to brag about. Not until mobileHomo barged in, that is.

A roving gang of mostly queer bar guerrillas, mobileHomo targets bars and parties to hijack. Call it a blitzbarkrieg. In keeping with most insidious rebel groups, the mobileHomo leadership remains anonymous, operating with a Friendster account as the front line of communication. Counting upwards of 200 friends in their immediate network and attracting 70 or more footsoldiers on a popular campaign, these boys and girls flood unsuspecting watering holes several times a month to take over stools, tables and dance floors with a party of their own.

On this particular night, it was impossible to tell the Homos from the regular crowd. Gay commandos and indie hipsters, after all, share a great deal of aesthetic overlap: tight pants, working-class fetishes and black, plastic-framed glasses galore. After the Homos arrived, the scene in Dunes looked like an intimate house party where everyone knows each other. In the club full of friends, the energy built exponentially, until the heat and electricity emanating from the dancing bodies seemed to overpower the underground club hits blaring from the speakers.

The writhing electricity of the night, no doubt, came from the synergy of Suicide Club and mobileHomo. But this roaming band of queer insurgents brings that kind of kinetic energy wherever it goes, from Shanghai Steakery to Holocene to Vancouver's tiny North Banks to house parties. After all, in this modern age everything is portable--even the party.

One can only regret that the nightlife commandos have stuck to bars like Dunes, where their gaiety goes mostly unnoticed. What if mobileHomo were to roll forth to über-straight hotspots like ¡Oba!, or strike at the source and invade Barracuda?

Tonight, Henry's Tavern, my friends. Tomorrow, the world.

To join


, log onto Friendster at and invite mobileHomo as a friend. For more information, email

Suicide Club @ Dunes, 1905 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., 493-8637. 10 pm. First Friday of every month. 21+.