Striking a blow for truth in advertising, the Tillamook Creamery has decided to stop labeling its Wisconsin dairy products as "Oregon Coast Cheese."

Last week, WW revealed that Tillamook's three Bandon Organic cheeses, despite being labeled "Oregon Coast Cheese," are actually made in Wisconsin ("Something's Rotten in Tillamook," WW, Aug. 4, 2004).

Shortly after the story went to press last week, Tillamook officials told KGW-TV that the company is currently in the process of discontinuing the labels in question. Tillamook spokeswoman Christie Lincoln says the change was not prompted by the WW article.

These new labels, which should debut within six months, are still in the design process. Tillamook is not sure what the new slogan will be, but Lincoln says "Oregon Coast Cheese" will not longer be printed on the packages.