Northwest Portland
Age: 54

Northeast Portland
Age: 60

North Portland
Age: 34

Age: 55

ANSWER #1: Retail salesperson: "Ever since the election there's been a sneaking, pervasive reduction in the retail business. It was really slow after the 11th; now it's coming back a bit. But I have so many friends in the restaurant business, and they're getting their shifts cut back, and it just seems as if everyone has a little less money."

ANSWER #2: Owner, media production company: "The film and video business in Oregon is desperate. Things were slow before the attacks, and now I think my clients are simply putting everything on hold, assuming that no one has any money to spend. I know gaffers with 10 years' good experience who are painting houses."

ANSWER #3: Home health-care provider: "I was let go on the 15th of September. I've been babysitting just to pay a couple of bills. I've borrowed money from my kids, my friends; I've called the phone company and the cable company to work out something about my bills. It's rough out here. I had to go down to the unemployment agency; I hadn't been there in 27 years."

ANSWER #4: City employee: "I haven't felt it yet, but my oldest son has been temporarily laid off. My younger son lost his job, but got another one with the same company. You know, my dad lived through the Depression, and I heard a lot about it. I wonder what he'd say about these times."


Answers: 1=C, 2=A, 3=B, 4=D