As Miss Dish reported in March, once upon a time there was a man named

Andrew Sugar

. This Sugar had very big, sweet plans. Plans so big and so sweet they almost seemed like a fairy tale.

When Miss Dish last checked in, Sugar was at work converting half a block at Northwest 6th Avenue and Couch Street into a joie de vivre complex. Lush, a combination upscale restaurant and bar that was supposed to open at the end of June, was blueprinted for a whopping 6,400 square feet, including an upstairs dining room with private, velvet-boothed dining areas and a downstairs lounge with a boomerang bar and private-party alcove. Adding even more to this almost dreamlike sequence, the old Star Theatre (one of the city's original burlesque houses) was to transform into a 3,500-square-foot dance club.

June gave way to July, which inevitably turned into August. Frankly, Miss Dish gave up on Lush. And then, as the leaves began to rust, Miss D. heard from Sugar once more. He says Lush is slated to open Nov. 3 and will beckon the public seven days a week, from 5 pm until the time period he defines as "whenever" (Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights you'll be able to get eats until 1 am, he says). Sugar still plans to keep his cocktail-attire requirement in place: "You need to establish some guidelines," he says. "Even if they aren't written." Sugar says the dance club called, familiarly, the Star Theatre, will open in December. So what took so long anyhow? Sugar hung the hold-up on construction issues. Call Lush headquarters at 223-LUSH (5874).

Please take a moment of silence to reflect upon the short but none-too-subtle life of All Y'All's, the barbeque joint at Northeast 15th Avenue and Broadway that is now boarded up and without a phone connection. Rest in sauce.

Now, from the George W. Bush School of Precision Information Implementating: In last week's restaurant guide, Miss Dish and company bone-headedly reported that Esplanade (1510 SW Harbor Way, 295-6166) is closed until the end of October for a redesign, when that is completely, absolutely untrue. Duh! The real story is that Esplanade will close Dec. 22 and reopen in early February. And, like complete idiots, we said Sungari (735 SW 1st Ave., 224-0800) wasn't open every night for dinner, when this place is clearly open for dinner every single night of the week. And, as if that weren't enough, we actually printed that Tapeo (2764 NW Thurman St., 226-0409) is closed Tuesdays and open Sundays, when actually this place serves dinner Tuesday through Saturday. How stupid can you get?