OregonDemocrats (DEMO)
DEMO share prices surged Friday after the Oregon Supreme Court approved the legislative redistricting plan drawn up by Secretary of State Bill Bradbury, a leading DEMO stockholder. Analysts predict the new districts will help Democrats wrest control of the state Senate away from the GOP. The court also struck down a GOP plan to siphon Democratic voters away from U.S. Rep. David Wu's congressional district.

Oregon Ducks & Co. (QWAK)
After ringing up fat profits earlier in the season, Duck investors suffered their biggest setback of the millennium Saturday when University of Oregon blew a 42-28 lead against the California-based CardinalsCorp. While some sentimental stockholders cling to the hope that Duck management can still produce a championship team, analysts say SELL.

U.S. Army (BURN)
The U.S. Army's Oregon subsidiary saw its share prices go up in smoke on news that opponents to the Umatilla chemical-weapons incinerator will get their day in court. Multnomah Circuit Judge Michael H. Marcus ruled that the Sierra Club, Oregon Wildlife Foundation and Group Against Smog and Pollution will get a chance to contest the Army's plan to burn more than 3,700 tons of stockpiled chemical weapons.

Vera, Inc. (VERA)
VERA's stock took a pounding after she suggested Portlanders respond to the bioterrorist threat by preparing shelters with sealed-off windows, doors and vents. But the mayor recovered from those losses in late trading when she personally intervened in the city's contract negotiations with the DCTU, averting a general strike by city employees (see cover story).

The Homeless, LLC. (SKIDRO)
SKIDRO futures remain murky as lawyers haggle over the city's anti-camping ordinance. Homeless advocates say the rule was struck down last year by Multnomah County Judge Steven Gallagher, who acquitted two homeless men of sleeping in their pickup. But city officials point out that other judges don't have to follow Gallagher's ruling. SKIDRO investors hoped a ruling by the Oregon Court of Appeals would clear the air, but the state attorney general's office withdrew its appeal last week, leaving the ordinance--and the homeless--in limbo.

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