But wait

. You still have spring showers hanging over your head, don't you? That's why WW hired a summer-minded League of Superheroes to help you fight off "Summer Bummer"-you know, the evil villain who keeps you chained to your desk and away from season's best offerings.

You'll find great tips here from the whole League, but to to see which one will serve best as your own personal superhero-and to tell you which section to flip to first-we've created this super-quiz.

1. It's a Saturday scorcher. To beat the heat, you:

A. Bike up Mount Tabor to enjoy the slightly cooler breeze of the higher elevation.

B. Start bar-hopping early.

C. Squeeze into your new Daisy Dukes and matching Prada flip-flops and spend the day looking cool at the Lloyd Center.

D. Catch a matinee and duck into seven different gallery shows before deciding which friend's pool party you're going to hit up first.

E. Build a neighborhood-friendly water park in your own back yard! All you need is a hose, some lumber, two and a half tons of fiberglass and fresh lemons for lemonade.

2. When you go to Powell's, you head directly to:

A. The Red Room to snag a Rough Guide to the Canadian wilderness.

B. The Coffee Room. And no, it's not because you're interested in the latest audio-book selection.

C. The bathroom to check your hair.

D. The Pearl Room, where you read the script of a play you're about to see while simultaneously flipping through an art book.

E. The Orange Room to read up on artful bookbinding so you can craft your own tomes.

3. Your perfect date has a great smile and a big:

A. Sense of adventure.

B. Appetite.

C. Wallet.

D. Memory stick for his/her digital organizer.

E. Power drill.

4. The city of Portland needs your help! You see your signal emblazoned on a cloud in the heavens. It looks like:

A. An ATV with a surfboard rack.

B. A martini glass crossed with a bratwurst.

C. Your personalized credit card.

D. A BlackBerry drawn and ready.

E. A hammer and garden sickle.

If you answered mostly A's, you must know Captain Adventure. For camping capers, swimming holes and other outdoor fun, dive into page 23.

If you answered mostly B's, you've probably downed one with the Wondertwins, Food and Drink. To start chowing your way through mini-marts and boat-up restaurants, take a bite out of page 29.

If you answered mostly C's, you may be kin to Fashionisto, fashion's fairy godmama. Quick! For sewing lessons, awesome accessories and superhero garb, flip (but don't flip out) to page 33 before it goes out of style!

If you answered mostly D's, Calendar Chick must have you on her speed-dial. For tips on the season's best festivals, dance bands, movies and beach reads, pencil in page 41.

If you answered mostly E's, you're surely familiar with The Martha, the ultimate household helper. To finish getting your home/garden/pet/life in order, please use your homemade page turner to find page 47 (so you don't get any newsprint on your hands, of course-The Martha wouldn't like that). Then fold this paper into 30 origami place settings.

Here's to the best summer EVER!

Byron Beck

Special Sections Commissioner

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