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Pronunciation: dri[ng]k

Function: verb

1. To take liquid into the mouth for swallowing.

2. To partake of alcoholic beverages.

3. To make or join in a toast.

For this year's edition of Willamette Week's annual Drink Guide, DRINKIPEDIA, we're zeroing in on Merriam-Webster's second and third definitions of the word "drink." But we also modeled our guide after the principles of the looser web dictionary Wikipedia (, which relies on users' experiences to build its definitions.

So, WW sent more than 25 imbibers all over the city to check out the bars, taverns and cocktail lounges that fuel this town's most social scene. Perusing at least one pint, pinot, Pimm's cup or cocktail at every joint, our imbibers gave us textbook definitions of their experiences.

It also means we got drunk. A lot.

With a list of nearly 150 (mouth) watering holes, DRINKIPEDIA also tries to define what "tiki bar" means to local folks who flock to these island-themed hot spots. We give tips for round-the-clock happy-hour tippling. And we noted recently opened joints with a icon.

Although we've tried to cover as many places as humanly (OK, legally) possible, one of your favorites is probably missing in action. Perhaps it's because we don't know about it, or the fact that it makes our head spin. Whatever the reason, drop us a line and—in the spirit of expanding our DRINKIPEDIA universe—let us know what you think about our choices.

The bars are arranged as follows:

Name of establishment: Listed in alphabetical order.

Address, phone number, and days and nights open.

Cheers: Why this place rocks.

Jeers: Why this place sucks.

A brief description of said establishment.

And all the little extras that make this place special: happy hour, pool, video poker, strippers. YEAH, STRIPPERS! Stuff like that.

Bottoms up!

Byron Beck

Special Sections Editor


Head Drunk (Editor) Byron Beck

Imbibers (Contributors) Elianna Bar-El, Mark Baumgarten, Michael P. Byrne, Adrian Chen, Shoshanna Cohen, Mary Christmas, Kelly Clarke, Ian Demsky, Johanna Droubay, Ian Gillingham, Erika-Leigh Goodwin, Shannon Green, Nigel Jaquiss, Casey Jarman, AP Kryza, Joe Lino, Ivy Manning, Amy McCullough, Paige Richmond, Laura Shinn, Jason Simms, Karla Starr, Hank Stern, Angela Valdez, Bryan Van Norden, Johnathan Weatherford

Designated Drivers (Copy Editors) Ian Gillingham, Kelly M. Bryan, Matt Buckingham

Life of the Party (Art Director) Thomas Cobb

Shot Girl (Photographer) Amy Ouellette


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