Bored with the same old, same old this Valentine's Day Hang on a couple weeks until the Just Suck It Already safer-sex campaign hits town.

On March 3, five women dressed in naughty latex nurse costumes will hit Portland streets to hand out free condoms, dental dams (for oral sex) and safe-sex information.

The main target initially will be Old Town. But planners, who have printed 1,000 bumper stickers, expect to continue the weekend event in perpetuity—opening eyes (and mouths) citywide to the joys of latex and safer sex.

"I think latex is important," says campaign organizer and Portland dominatrix Betka Schpitz. "It's sexy and safe and feels great. Just give yourself a hand massage with a latex glove and some lube and tell me you don't agree."

This is Just Suck It Already's first venture in Portland, though the city has a long history of alternative safe-sex campaigns. In 1995, Danzine—a nonprofit that began as a magazine—was created by, and for, people in the sex industry. Before closing in 2003 because of financial shortfalls, Danzine provided information about prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and birth control, and offered a needle-exchange program.

What distinguishes Just Suck It Already—a not-for-profit safe-sex movement—is its fire for educating people about the pleasures of latex. Or, as Schpitz writes on, "We are passionate perverts here to encourage moral hedonism and gourmet sexuality in all of its forms."

"It's probably not how we'd deliver the message, but it's great," says Loreen Nichols, program manager for Multnomah County Health Department's HIV and hepatitis C programs.

One campaign sponsor is San Francisco-based Vixen Creations, which bills itself as the world's premier maker of "heirloom-quality" silicone dildos and anal plugs. Another is Syren Latex, a Los Angeles company that makes rubber evening gowns and formal latex evening wear. (Syren also has made Hollywood costumes for Batman, Catwoman and the 2005 Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie flick, Mr. and Mrs. Smith.) The campaign's condoms will be provided by New York-based Condomania, which touts itself as America's first condom store.

"We will be handing out at least 1,000 condoms a month," Schpitz says.

Just Suck It Already will also be sponsoring the "Blasphemy Ball" on March 10 at Dante's (1 SW 3rd Ave.). Event organizer Stacy Bias expects "at least 300 kinksters, radicals, queers and activists" to attend what's being billed as a "night of focused, therapeutic rebellion."

Asked what to expect if you're unaccustomed to the kink community, Bias says you're likely to leave saying, "Whoa, I need a shower."

As for Just Suck It Already's larger campaign promoting latex costumes, rubber cocks and dental dams to get Portlanders to practice safe sex and moral hedonism

"I'm here to open a door for that to happen," Schpitz says. "And I can be very persuasive."