Mike O'Hara, 51
BMW mechanic, Northeast Portland

Claudia Mederos, 48
Graphic designer, Northwest Portland

Robert Simpson, 28
Printer, Southeast Portland

Jimmie Brown, 50
Inside sales rep, Southeast Portland



A. "Absolutely; that should be entertaining. Look, you can't show weakness to an aggressor. We're the world's police. I don't necessarily like that, but it doesn't look like anybody else is stepping up. I hear we're priming the Kurds to do what the Northern Alliance did in Afghanistan."

B. "I think that's insane. Iraq's not responsible for our tragedy, and Iraqis aren't 'terrorists.' If we think we can punish a country for the deeds of a few, we become imperialists."

C. "I don't like the idea. Attacking Iraq would bring all those disparate groups together, allied against us. Then a prophet comes out of the desert and convinces the Muslims that they have only one real enemy: the West."

D. "No. That would just inflame the problem. We're already seen as oppressors by so many in that part of the world. Saddam Hussein is just one man. Removing him is no kind of solution."


ANSWERS: 1-A, 2-D, 3-C, 4-B