Page 6 of this week's issue features an ad purchased by Oregon Health & Science University responding to a recent article about the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center ("The Year of the Monkey," WW, Dec. 26, 2001). Most of the ad's text merely provides supplemental information, but two points require clarification.

First, OHSU's ad seems to imply that WW misquoted Dr. Carol Shively, who wrote a report critical of some practices at the primate center. In fact, Dr. Shively has said that "animal rights activists" have mischaracterized her report. As far as we know, Shively has never complained that WW has mischaracterized the criticism contained in her review of the facility.

Second, the article did not allege widespread behavioral problems with primate center monkeys. In fact, the article reported that "ORPRC officials say that self-biting cases are rare." The article focused almost exclusively on 24 monkeys used by Dr. Martha Neuringer. It noted that an untrained visitor had found the animals in apparently good shape during a recent tour, but it went on to point out that a review of ORPRC medical records found "self-injurious behavior" problems with those animals. The primate center has not disputed those findings.