It's a fact of life: Getting fit is a bitch. So why do it?

Because the alternative is much, much worse. But that shouldn't mean all your efforts toward maintaining a sound mind and body regime have to give you a migraine.

That's why a group of us at Willamette Week have created a user-friendly guide to healthy living. Think of it as our gratis gift of good vibrations during a time when most of us could really use it. For example, we called on two of our favorite folks to check out what's out there in the touchy-feely world of spas: Caryn B. Brooks and Elizabeth Dye had the pleasure of being poked and prodded at a brand new concept for P-town, the overnight spa (can you say "relief"?). Teresa Freeman and Kelly Clarke teamed up to show what else is out there in the world of ahh-inspiring experiences as well as classes that can tune up your brain as well as your body. Speaking of building up your strength, smart shoppers can peruse an A-to-Z list created by our terrific troika-- Stacy Ison, Russell Meyer, Brittany Schaeffer--while outdoorsy types can take some advice from rain-slick Sean Daily on what to wear (and do) in the wild, wild wet. And for those of you who are thinking of signing up with a fitness club, Eric Larson took on the daunting task of discovering what's up at 19 of the area's top body shops. Enjoy!

Byron Beck
Special Sections Editor


Spa Slumber Party
Class Act - change your life by changing your workout routine

Staying Fit in the Freezer - winter workouts
Treat Yourself - spas
Life Savers - health clubs are for everyone

Byron Beck

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