In Portland, it's easy to exist in a bubble. Megan McGaughy, keyboardist/vocalist for the Gingerbread Patriots (see listing, page 18, and feature, page 7), wrapped it up pretty eloquently in a recent interview: "There's a good show [here] every night. I've never [before] been in a city where, every night, if you wanted to go out, you could find something worthwhile."

Many of those worthwhile, "every night" acts are Portland's own. But there's a helluva lot of fantastic bands making music outside our city limits, too—a reality we're often distracted from here in music utopia. MusicfestNW is that special time of year when Portland adopts the best of music everywhere and gives it a home. It's the four days—lovingly founded and organized by Willamette Week —when Stumptown venues and music fans open their doors and ears, respectively, to a super-concentrated brand of sonic awesomeness. It's a time when, thanks to the painstaking work of festival director Trevor Solomon and the MusicfestNW board, our city's best artists get to play with their idols, musicians from cities near and far.

And they're not alone: Whether it's Virginia-based hip-hop duo Clipse, garage legend Roky Erickson or NYC's pop weirdos Dirty Projectors, there's probably at least one artist on this year's lineup that you'd give your left pinky to see (I'd probably lose an entire hand to witness Austin folk-rock outfit Okkervil River bring down Berbati's house on Saturday). Sure, Portland's musically spoiled; there is a good show here every night. But during MusicfestNW, there's an even better show damn near every hour. Lucky for you, we've put together this here guide to help you figure out how the hell to deal with that.

Amy McCullough

Willamette Week , Music Editor


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