SPORTY SPACE: Former investment banker Cameron Carr (son of '80s-era Blazer Kenny Carr) and Bettie Ford founder Tyler Williams will open what Carr calls an "ultra lounge" near PGE Park late this summer. According to Carr, The Agency will be a high-tech sports bar with a price tag that'll easily top seven figures for its lease and construction. The bar will be part of the shiny new Civic complex at 1930 W Burnside St. Its ground-floor space—currently just a wall of windows with an empty interior shell—will take up two floors, with an upstairs family dining room, private rooms for small parties and geeked-out video game consoles. Carr also says he's secured a capable chef (to remain unnamed for now) to bring food up a level, offering gourmet Mediterranean cuisine as well as the usual wings and burgers.

INK ON INCA: Husband-and-wife culinary team Erin and Ignacio del Solar—a former chef at Andina—are planning an early-August debut for their new Peruvian restaurant, INTI, which translates to "Incan sun," at 2315 NE Alberta St. The duo is currently visiting del Solar's family in Peru, researching the menu and design elements while Sean Herron, restaurant consultant and owner of A Cena in Sellwood, oversees work on INTI's physical space. The cinder-block building will house only about half of the 110-seat restaurant, Erin del Solar emailed WW from Peru. The other half of the dining area will be outside on a roomy year-round patio. Food will be heavy on the traditional Peruvian staples of ceviche and grilled meats, she says, using local produce, and they'll be serving just dinner out of the open kitchen to start. Hot!