Oregonians have a weird relationship with water. We bitch all winter about the unending rain, but by the time August rolls around and we spend a few weeks sweating through 100-degree days, we're all longing for some nice drizzle. The first sunny weekend in spring, we pile into RVs and Subarus and head for the coast, where it's guaranteed to be more cold and damp than at home. We boast one of the finest municipal water systems in the nation, but our sewers overflow every time it rains.

So, we love getting wet—on our own terms. When we have a choice in the matter, we'll even dive into the Willamette whenever events like Red Bull's Flugtag (Aug. 2) or the Portland Triathlon (Aug. 31) give us half an excuse.

Let's celebrate it. For this year's Summer Guide we've doused and drilled a dozen aquatic stories for your enlightenment and entertainment. So dive in! The water's just fine. —Ben Waterhouse.

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