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Brew Views: Predator

Prey for America.

Brew Views
My Beer and Movie partner, Jacques Boyreau, has programmed Predator as follow-up to The African Queen—with Ahnold as the new Bogie, fighting a faceless jungle. But I suspect most observers have    More
Wednesday, February 29, 2012 AARON MESH

Brew Views: Battle Royale

Hungry eyes.

Brew Views
Next month’s The Hunger Games surely won’t open with Jennifer Lawrence’s head exploding, what with its Twihard demographic. But Suzanne Collins’ series owes a tremendous debt to Kinji Fu   More
Wednesday, February 22, 2012 AP KRYZA

Brew Views: Fletch

Dr. Rosenpenis

Brew Views
I think of Fletch as a sunny film noir. Though Chevy Chase prefers Lakers jerseys to crumpled suits and plays a slacker newspaperman rather than a two-bit detective, the film is surprisingly sim   More
Wednesday, February 15, 2012 CASEY JARMAN

Brew Views: Risky Business

Pimpin’ ain’t easy.

Brew Views
Whenever I feel uncomfortable about parading my Beer and Movie events through these pages (two days left of 35 mm at the Academy! Closing party at Vintage Cocktail Lounge at 9 pm tonight!), I try    More
Wednesday, February 8, 2012 AARON MESH

Brew Views: The Thing

Silly putty.

Brew Views
Everybody’s bustin’ on my Beer and Movie Fest, so why not allow Vincent Canby to join in the fun? He said John Carpenter’s The Thing “aspired to be the quintessential moron movie of the ’80s   More
Wednesday, February 1, 2012 AARON MESH

Brew Views: Chinatown

Forget it, Jake.

Brew Views
Anyone outraged by Tuesday’s Oscar snubs (I can’t quite imagine these people existing, but there they are on my Twitter feed) would do well to remember that Chinatown—the best movie ever mad   More
Wednesday, January 25, 2012 AARON MESH

Brew Views: Thief

The long Caan.

Brew Views
The movie highlight reel has become one of the dependable enjoyments of the Internet—if you want to see The Big Lebowski or Scarface trimmed to only their F-bombs, you’re in your element—but i   More
Wednesday, January 18, 2012 AARON MESH

Brew Views: The Godfather

You gotta go, you gotta go.

Brew Views
Every possible aspect of The Godfather has been thoroughly assayed and diagramed—in some college library, there is surely a term paper titled Woltz Up, Doc?: Khartoum the Horse and the Art of Non-Ve   More
Wednesday, January 11, 2012 AARON MESH

Brew Views: E.T., Raising Arizona

Out with the old, in with the old

Brew Views
Even if you don’t notice any difference in what image you see, the death of celluloid is going to impact the kind of movies you see. The open question is whether digital projection will offer mo   More
Wednesday, January 4, 2012 AARON MESH

Brew Views: The Ides of March

It’s in the notebook.

Brew Views
If you’ll permit us a parting pun—why not, at this point?—2011 was the year the Gosling hatched. Ryan Gosling’s acting in Drive and Crazy, Stupid, Love. was probably more memorable, but his gr   More
Wednesday, December 28, 2011 AARON MESH
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