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Shove It

Johnny Paycheck's Unsentimental Country Psychosis PLUS: Last of the Juanitas, Bjrk, Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Sonic Reducer
Johnny Paycheck The Soul & The Edge: The Best of Johnny Paycheck (Epic/Legacy) A glance at Billboard's country chart--the Coyote Ugly soundtrack, a fixture for 90 weeks!--reminds you why the cu ...   More
Wednesday, May 8, 2002 Zach Dundas (editor)

Hail the King of the Damned

Tom Waits deals a tough pair PLUS: Boards of Canada, Jason and the Scorchers, ex-Whiskeytowner Caitlyn Cary and Girl Harbor.

Sonic Reducer
Tom Waits Alice (Anti) Blood Money (Anti) It might be too much to ask Tom Waits to surprise us anymore. Since he traded his old Beat-poet persona for that of a demented Vaudevillian in the early ' ...   More
Wednesday, May 1, 2002 Zach Dundas (editor)

The Last Gang in Town

Billy Bragg and his Blokes take a lonely stand for lefty folk. PLUS: Medeski Martin & Wood go beyond the Valley of the Jam Bands, and more.

Sonic Reducer
Billy Bragg England/Half English (Elektra) es (Dirtnap) Once, Billy Bragg was known on American shores only among a small circle of indie-folk fans, lovers of sardonic college radio and left-winge ...   More
Wednesday, April 24, 2002 Zach Dundas (editor)

IDM Mania!

So-called "intelligent dance music": Is it really that smart? Does anyone actually dance to it? And is it even music at all? These questions--and more--answered in this incisive guide to a week's worth of bizarre electronic g

Sonic Reducer
Diagram of Suburban Chaos Status Negatives (Imputor?) Suddenly, a brilliant sunset. The clouds of afternoon have torn themselves apart, and an apocalyptic yellow glow suffuses the sky like a radio ...   More
Wednesday, February 6, 2002 John Graham (editor)

Telling It Like It Is

Stereophonics give the working class its musical due. PLUS: Carissa's Wierd plays hide-and-go-seek, Icelandic atmo-dudes send chills down your spine, a septuagenarian saxman writes poetic jazz, an ambient band gets kosmik, and emo-pop supa

Sonic Reducer
Stereophonics Just Enough Education To Perform (V2) Caught between the swaggering lads and too-clever prettyboys of British guitar rock, Stereophonics can be forgiven a certain defensiveness. The ...   More
Wednesday, January 23, 2002 John Graham (editor)

Re-Decorate Your Brain

Ninja Tune lounges with sophisticated, jazzy techno. PLUS: Marc Ribot shows off his guitar skillz, Burning Cindys do rock right, North Mississippi Allstars pilfer blues riffs and a Japanese noise collective goes nuts.

Sonic Reducer
Flanger Outer Space/Inner Space Bonobo Animal Magic (Ninja Tune)After the first few listens, one could be forgiven for thinking these two new releases from London's trendpacing Ninja Tune label- ...   More
Wednesday, January 16, 2002 John Graham (editor)

Do You Read With Android Eyes?

The Lost Sounds ask the tough questions. PLUS: Mary Lou Lord and Teenage Fanclub take you back-back-back! to the '90s, a Neurosis singer sinks into the Blackness, a strange electronic/cabaret record intrigues.

Sonic Reducer
The Lost Sounds Black Wave (Empty) Seized by a futuristic nightmare of Philip K. Dickian proportion, Memphis, Tenn.'s Lost Sounds are running down Beale Street crazy with paranoia. It seems the ...   More
Wednesday, January 9, 2002 Zach Dundas (editor)

Roll for Damage, Dude

Dungeon Family gets medieval on hip-hop's ass PLUS: Lift to Experience, Kid Rock, King Louie and Milemarker

Sonic Reducer
Dungeon Family Even in Darkness (Arista) Halloween of the year 2000 saw a true scare thrown into a complacent hip-hop industry when OutKast's supreme Stankonia burst out of the Deep South like ...   More
Wednesday, December 19, 2001 Zach Dundas (editor)

The Spits Have Not Broken Up

A Compelling Rebuttal to the Rumor You Didn't Know Existed PLUS: Carpet Musics, G. Dep, Christmas at Rao's and Cinemaphonic.

Sonic Reducer
Word to Northeast Portland's aficionados of garage-greased crap-rock obscurity: Just quit cryin' in that finely poured pint of PBR at the Jockey Club or Billy Ray's, because contrary to the PacNor ...   More
Wednesday, December 12, 2001 Zach Dundas (editor)

Viva Zapata!

Home Alive Keeps Up the Fight PLUS: Jesse Dayton, Keith Jarrett, Madonna and Boyd Rice. Who Could Ask for Anything More?

Sonic Reducer
Various Artists Flying Sidekick: Home Alive Compilation II (Broken Rekids) In 1993, someone murdered Mia Zapata in Seattle. The firethroated Zapata sang with the Gits, one of the most impassioned ...   More
Wednesday, December 5, 2001 Zach Dundas (editor)
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