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Aural Pleasure for Today's Youth

The Pure Pop Pleasures of Weezer and The Desert Weirdness of Giant Sand's Howe Gelb.

Sonic Reducer
HOWE GELB: CONFLUENCE (Thrill Jockey) "...slow and airy...random warbles, sputters, chirps..."Howe Gelb, frontman for Arizona desert-rock weirdos Giant Sand, has a terrible croak of a voice, a low, ...   More
Wednesday, June 6, 2001 Caryn B. Brooks, Becky Ohlsen


A new disc from PDX's Pinehurst Kids. Alkaline Trio. Tortoise's kooky "post-rock." PLUS: Astralwerks Round-Up by the Cockney Fruit 'n' Veg Man!

Sonic Reducer
PINEHURST KIDS: BLEED IT DRY (Barbaric)"...hotly amplified..."In many ways, being in a band sucks. Whether it's your sixth or seventh search for a new drummer, your 100th seven-hour drive from one s ...   More
Wednesday, May 30, 2001 John Graham, Zach Dundas, Brian Libby, Matthew Moss

Of Damnation and David Byrne

Reviews: David Byrne, 16 Horsepower, ohGr, EC8OR

Sonic Reducer
DAVID BYRNE: LOOK INTO THE EYEBALL (Virgin/Luaka Bop)"...ever suave..."Let's say you're in your mid-20s, (probably) white and (probably) middle-class, not wholly oblivious to the weirder fringe of ...   More
Wednesday, May 23, 2001 Zach Dundas, John Graham , Alexandra J. Hamlett


Music Reviews: Beauty Pill, Easy Action, Ani DiFranco, Thou//Plus: Microreviews.

Sonic Reducer
BEAUTY PILL: THE CIGARETTE GIRL FROM THE FUTURE (Dischord/DeSoto) "...a vibrant concoction..." Rock 101 says it's better to burn out than fade away ...   More
Wednesday, May 16, 2001 Christopher Mcquain, Zach Dundas, Annie Hundley, Brian Libby, Sam Dodge Soule
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