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Wax Poetics

Night Avenger
Nestled amid the garish, behemoth neon signage that announces the Alibi, the Crown Motel and Glenn's Motor Inn on North Interstate Avenue is a gift to the potentials of Portland's hip-hop scene.Whizzi ...   More
Wednesday, December 22, 2004 Kaja Katamay

Santa's Little Helper

Night Avenger
It happens every year, and it's worse than doing taxes. Just thinking of it causes you to wet the bed. You know the horror of which we speak: holiday shopping. Thing is, this draining experience needn ...   More
Wednesday, December 15, 2004 Kim Colton

Opening Night

Night Avenger
It was only after a puffed-up poodle wearing a pink bow sauntered through the lobby of the Portland Center for the Performing Arts that it really sank in: The concept of bar as art has arrived. With t ...   More
Wednesday, December 8, 2004 KELLY CLARKE

Bar Basics

Night Avenger
As surely as air, fire, water and dirt are the Legos of the natural world, three elements make up the bar universe: TV, beats and drinks. Last Wednesday, Night Avenger set out to find 'em all.TV: On D ...   More
Wednesday, November 24, 2004 KELLY CLARKE


Night Avenger
H20 Martini Bar bills itself as a classy experience, a new approach in Portland nightlife. My worldly friend Josie found a more apt description for the new downtown bar a few Saturdays ago: "The absol ...   More
Wednesday, November 10, 2004 KELLY CLARKE

Karim of the Crop

Night Avenger
Casanovas, octogenarian ballroom dancers, Riviera jewel thieves and supper-club Lotharios will all tell you: Nothing closes the deal or establishes the scene of the crime like proper lighting, a savor ...   More
Wednesday, November 3, 2004 Tim Duroche


72 hours of horrifying Halloween hoopla.

Night Avenger
With Halloween, the High Holy Day of Horror, falling on a Sunday this year, Portland is ghouling itself up for an epic three-day-weekend scare fest. You've been planning your shindig-stoppin' costume ...   More
Wednesday, October 27, 2004 Kelly Clarke, Kaja Katamay

Knock Down, DRAG OUT

Night Avenger
Dateline Oct. 2, 2004: The announcer on stage at I.C. Mummy speaks with a German accent as thick as his rococo mascara. He introduces the first drag-king and -queen wrestlers, Urtha Quake and Fanny Ma ...   More
Wednesday, October 20, 2004 Aaron Scott


Night Avenger
Portland will love the new Doug Fir Lounge, if only for the same reason we love Mount St. Helens. We can't wait to see whether it'll blow up or not.By the time the Jupiter Hotel next door had hosted n ...   More
Wednesday, October 13, 2004 KELLY CLARKE


Night Avenger
It's his voice that gets you first: A high Stygian witch's cackle that delivers a halting jumble of phrases like toy blocks clattering down a stairwell. His name is the Famous Mysterious Actor, and he ...   More
Wednesday, October 6, 2004 KELLY CLARKE
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