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Album Review: Redwood Son

The Lion’s Inside (8 Ball Records)

Album Reviews
[ROOTS-ROCK COCKTAIL] If opening tracks are meant to forecast an album’s mood, then “Long Fall,” the first cut off Redwood Son’s two-disc debut effort, The Lion’s Inside, signals clear sk   More
Wednesday, June 8, 2011 MARK STOCK

Album Review: iAMe

Lame (Taxidermy Records)

Album Reviews
[FRESH HIP-HOP] Northwest hip-hop is most often derided for lacking a distinct regional aesthetic. But the Sandpeople crew—and by extension, iAMe, one of its premier MCs—has a sound. The squad r   More
Wednesday, June 1, 2011 CASEY JARMAN

Album Review: Bright Archer

Hidden Systems (Bear Island)

Album Reviews
[THE PIANO INFLATES] Good piano balladeers are hard to find these days. Though squealing synthesizers pimple a guitar-riddled indie-music landscape, acoustic pianos are markedly less popular. But p   More
Wednesday, June 1, 2011 CASEY JARMAN

Album Review: Animal Farm

Culture Shock (Self-Released)

Album Reviews
[THROWBACK HIP-HOP] Animal Farm’s key demographic is hip-hop fans who are sick of hip-hop bullshit. It’s a hungry market, as evidenced by the Portland squad’s formidable success on college mus   More
Wednesday, May 25, 2011 CASEY JARMAN

Album Review: Tara Jane O’Neil and Nikaido Kazumi

Self-Titled (K Records)

Album Reviews
[EXPERIMENTAL FLUTTERINGS] Tara Jane O’Neil is that rare musician who always sounds like she’s searching for new modes by which to  express her overwhelming supply of artistic ideas. While   More
Wednesday, May 18, 2011 ROBERT HAM

Album Review: Ash Black Bufflo

Andasol (Knitting Factory Records)

Album Reviews
[CINEMATIC POST-ROCK] Local music obsessives who pore over the liner notes of their LPs and CDs will probably recognize the name of Jay Clarke. Since moving to Portland, he has been a member of the   More
Wednesday, May 18, 2011 ROBERT HAM

Album Review: New Century Schoolbook

Don’t Hold Your Breath (Self-Released)

Album Reviews
[SHOW-TUNE TWEE] New Century Schoolbook is an orchestral pop quintet composed of what I suspect are ex-drama students. They are literary and enamored of the twee-er edges of pop, and they express t   More
Wednesday, May 11, 2011 SHANE DANAHER

Album Review: Destro

Ill.ustrated (Vinyl Fluid Records)

Album Reviews
[RETURN OF THE BOOM BAP] You’d expect a new release from a veteran Northwest MC to sound a little old school. And Ill.ustrated—the new disc from longtime Portland MC Destro, a founding member of    More
Wednesday, April 27, 2011 CASEY JARMAN

Album Review: Red Fang

Murder The Mountains (Relapse)

Album Reviews
[HEAVINESS] The folks that pay attention to stuff like this (us music geeks) will notice two interesting things on the packaging of Red Fang’s second full-length LP: the logo for Relapse Records    More
Wednesday, April 27, 2011 ROBERT HAM

Album Review: Blue Skies For Black Hearts

Embracing The Modern Age (Super Big Ltd.)

Album Reviews
[HERE’S YOUR FUTURE] It’s hard to fault Blues Skies for Black Hearts for being out of touch. The power-poppy quartet—led by bespectacled frontman Pat Kearns—sticks to a (relatively) simple    More
Wednesday, April 20, 2011 MICHAEL MANNHEIMER
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