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Headout: Bowl O’ Luck

The Northwest doesn’t have a lucky New Year’s dish—so we created one.

American regional cuisine is peppered with examples of “lucky” New Year’s Day foods: ham and black-eyed peas in the South, sauerkraut in the Midwest, a dozen grapes in Puerto Rico. The Pac   More
Wednesday, December 28, 2011 MARTIN CIZMAR

Headout: Space Christ

The Alien Nativity is out of this world.

In December 2010, Matt Henderson wanted to have a Christmas open house—an all-inclusive, meet-the-neighbors affair. But Henderson’s house is a small former church in Northeast Portland, so the   More
Wednesday, December 21, 2011 BEN WATERHOUSE

Headout: Santa’s Bomb

ADX holds a warehouse sale of homemade weirdness.

Portland’s ADX is a big ol’ warehouse where the Etsy-inclined pay $40 a day to bring their designs into the third dimension using facilities not unlike what you’d find in a high school sho   More
Wednesday, December 14, 2011 MELINDA HASTING

Memo to Last-Minute Santa Clauses

WW’s Fifth Annual Holiday Compilation Will Change History.

The first incarnation of WW’s annual holiday album, Another Gray Christmas, opened with lots of swearing.   More
Wednesday, December 7, 2011 CASEY JARMAN

Headout: Ask a Mayan

Heed indigenous elder OmeAkaEhekatl’s warnings about 2012.

The 2012 thing was pretty much over before it started. The End seemingly came and went way back in aught-nine (such simpler times!), when Hollywood mocked doom prophecies based on the Mesoamerican   More
Wednesday, November 30, 2011 MARTIN CIZMAR

Headout: Waltz No. 02

The Next Waltz finds Portlanders re-creating The Band's last gig.

The Last Waltz—The Band’s farewell concert that Martin Scorsese turned into an acclaimed rockumentary—turns 35 this week. To mark the anniversary, 50 Portland musicians pay tribute by re-enactin   More
Wednesday, November 23, 2011 EMILEE BOOHER

Flew the Coop

D.B. Cooper (hoo hoo hoo) took the money and jumped.

Indisputable facts: On Thanksgiving eve 1971, a man bought a plane ticket from PDX to SEA under the name “Dan Cooper.” He smoked a ciggie, drank a bourbon and soda, and passed the stewardess a   More
Wednesday, November 16, 2011 MARTIN CIZMAR

Stare Way to Heaven?

Meet Braco, the Croatian gaze healer.

This is Braco. He stares. He may be the solution to your healthcare needs.  Braco (pronounced BRAHT-zo) is a man from Zagreb, Croatia, who travels the world to perform gazing sessions. This Sa   More
Wednesday, November 9, 2011 AARON MESH

Blaze A New Trail

Tips for surviving without the NBA.

In a world without labor negotiations, the Portland Trail Blazers’ regular season would start on Thursday, Nov. 3. Meetings have been spun as “cautiously optimistic” when they haven’t been    More
Wednesday, November 2, 2011 CASEY JARMAN

Deadly Synths

John Carpenter’s music is in the key of Terror.

It emerges out of the night, throbbing, relentless, implacable. It cannot be reasoned with. It cannot be silenced. It is coming from inside your brain. It is the music of John Carpenter.  The    More
Wednesday, October 26, 2011 AARON MESH

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