July 2nd, 2010 5:33 pm | by BETH SLOVIC News | Posted In: CLEAN UP, City Hall

Read the Memo: Portland's Human Resources Director Explains the Overtime Flap

City Council debates labor issues June 30
City commissioners aired a disagreement on Wednesday that concerns contract negotiations with Portland's municipal labor unions, most of which saw their contracts expire this week. The disagreement centered on the 40-hour work week and how some City of Portland employees can actually earn overtime without working a full 40 hours.

The debate Wednesday was nearly as complicated as the contract language that precipitated it. But Yvonne Deckard, Portland's human resources director, spelled out the history of that language in a June 25 memo [PDF]. It explains well how an employee could potentially use sick leave to get overtime while also working fewer than 40 hours.

Explanation of 40-hour work week
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