Legend tells tale of singular bicyclist riding through a festival of ghosts early one morning. The cyclist being of sound mind and body and focusing on the day's upcoming events decided to look directly at the sun and in doing so, temporarily impeded the cyclist's sight causing this person to swerve off the pre-determined path and into a bog. At this point the story relocates to another part of the world in which a single orchid blooms inside the chassis of a rusted out 1952 Buick in field west of the mountains. To this, no one can see it so the mountains go nuts and tell the orchid, "That's it, we've had enough." And finally, our story takes us to the island in question, and here, on this island is where you find your answers.
Fuckwolf got its name from its members, who gave it that name. We were sitting around trying to think of a name for the band, when suddenly it hit us: Fuckwolf. We knew that if we wanted to start playing gigs and sending out demos, and we wanted people to take us seriously, we'd definitely need a name--something that set us apart from every other band out there. After throwing a slew of names around, we settled on Fuckwolf. Sometimes we think of changing the name, but then we all have a good laugh.
Why the hell is that such a great band name?
Sprinkles is great name! You just need to remember that it's pronounced Thprinkles. When they opened up for Black Elk I got to say, "I'm going to see Black Elk with Thprinkles." Genius!


Images: from the band's MySpace.