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Linus Pauling Lecture Series: Putting a significant dent in the science haterade.

OliverSacksCwThe Linus Pauling memorial lecture series has been tirelessly bringing science luminaries to Portland to give talks and engage the sodden masses.

Of course, for a lot of folks, the very mention of a "science lecture" might conjure up primal memories of carving doodles into high school desks out of sheer, rapturous boredom, or the frenzied anguish of wrist-tiring, increasingly incomprehensible note-taking. This is exactly the kind of negative association that the Institute for Science, Engineering, and Public Policy (ahem, ISEPP)—our Linus Pauling lecture organizers—are dead-set on destroying; ISEPP is a public, non-profit corporation dedicated to the development of local understanding of issues concerning science, technology and society.

In simple terms: they want to turn those of traumatized by the droning voices of our high school chemistry teachers into fascinated, tech-literate science aficionados.

This year's roster of lecturers should put a significant dent in the science haterade: kicking off the season is Oliver Sacks (Thursday, Oct. 18), a British neurologist renowned for his bumbling charm and luminous clinical stories that take us inside the mind and brain of his patients.

Other lecturers include Dr. Brian Greene, a modern-day Carl Sagan and author of the PBS-documentarized The Elegant Universe on Feb. 28, 2008, and on Thursday, Nov.15, Dr. J. Craig Venter, who recently decoded the human genome.

Check out the ISEPP site for more information about the talks and where you can grab tickets.

Photo: His Hotness, Dr. Oliver Sacks, courtesy of
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