Kyron Horman
They said they were unable to answer any questions about Terri because the investigation was ongoing. Their employers have been flexible and supportive. They spend their days doing things surrounding Kyron and whatever investigators need that day. They lean on each other and use Kyron as their strength. They pray for resolution and strength each day. Not knowing where Kyron is is the most difficult part for them. Kaine said they miss Kyron's toothless smile, belly laugh and him just being around. Kyron has a v-shaped strawberry birthmark in the middle of his forehead. when he's upset or crying it comes out more. Kyron loves sushi and mac and cheese. He is allergic to bees like his mom.

When Kyron comes home they joked and said they're not letting him leave the house but also said they had vacations planned, camping and fishing. They will focus on making him happy every day. They would like the community to continue what they've been doing. Keep Kyron's face out there and look on their properties for him.

The family is helping with the case everyday by working with investigators and the media to make sure his face stays out there. They're handing out fliers, getting t-shirts out there. Desiree said it is her goal for everyone any where in the world to know what Kyron looks like.

They have been fully briefed by police and they are optimistic. They are fully confident in the investigation and investigators who are doing everything they can to find Kyron.

Next week they will meet with media at 10am on Tuesday since Monday is a holiday. On Thursday they will do interviews starting at 4pm but nothing live. Everything taped as has to be held for air until Friday because Kyron went missing on a Friday.