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Thank you for writing the Mayor regarding your concerns about the new parking garage contract. The city is required to put the contract out for bid every (three?) years. Central Parking won the contract based on a bid that will save the city several hundred thousand dollars. They have also agreed to a number of other terms:

Central has agreed to keep the local employees and will pay the attendants the same wages. The supervisors and managers will be paid at a higher rate than what they are currently being paid. I've been told that employees who currently have no health insurance will now be offered health insurance at an affordable rate relative to their earnings.

2) The garages are open 24/7. A physical body will be at the facilities over night to handle any customer service issues that may arise. The off-site monitoring from Austin, Texas, is an added feature that will assist customers but is planned to augment the on-site customer service, not replace it.

3) The proposal to raise rates was weighed against Central Parking during the evaluation process. The City Council determines parking rates and when they go into effect. At this point, rates will not be reviewed for another two years.

I hope this addresses your concerns.