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Ditching Dip: Oregon Research Institute Launches Online Smokeless Tobacco Intervention


Dipping isn't cool.

At least that's the message the Oregon Research Institute is promoting with “My Last Dip,” its new online intervention program.

While it might seem odd to have an intervention over the internet, the “My Last Dip” website says the system is based on a clinical trial that showed online addiction treatments work because they let patients track their progress over time, chat with other patients anonymously, and allow people to get access to care at all hours.

With money from the National Cancer Institute, the research institute is targeting youngsters ages 14-25 who are addicted to smokeless tobacco, and, presumably, the internet. Once you sign up, the program emails you personalized information and updates on your quitting progress. The program offers a separate track for folks 26 and older on the same website.

According to the National Cancer Institute, 7.6 million Americans used smokeless tobacco in the past month, with the habit most common among those ages 18-25. Smokeless tobacco contributes to the approximately 36,000 cases of oral cancer that occur in the US each year.

While the nationwide program is meant to treat addiction, it is also a psychology investigation into the effectiveness of online care. The Cancer Institute's funding of the project will run until February 29, 2012.

Although “My Last Dip” materials encourage everyone who wants to quit dip to join its program, this fairly average WW intern was deemed ineligible for the program after he entered his stats.
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