Alma ice cream and chocolate
But she's launching a CSI—community supported ice cream—program this summer in order the finance the purchase of a $4,000 Pacojet ice cream maker.
Like toffee peanuts, brownie bites, caramel sauce or even balsamic vinegar..
CSI:Alma Scratch our back and we'll... make ice cream for you! Alma has her eyes on a fancy ice cream machine! We can't stop thinking about all the creamy delicious treats we could be making SO We decided to offer shares of our ice cream just like a CSA (Community supported Agriculture) farm share. You "subscribe" to a bi-monthly pint of ice cream for one year and we get our fancy machine to make it for you! Win! Win! The details: $150 share gets you a pint of ice cream every two weeks for a year (July 2010-June 2011). You'll choose from Very dark chocolate, Vanilla bean custard, or a seasonal (vegan) sorbet. The in-store price for a pint will be $8, so by subscribing you get a deal Plus we'll throw in some bonus treats, things like caramel sauce, candied nuts, chunks of toffee... Call or email the shop to sign up or get more details. We will take the first 30 subscribers! Alma Chocolate 140 NE 28th Ave. Portland, Oregon 97232 503.517.0262