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First the Seattle rumors, now a Brownlow charcuterie in Portland???

culture53Good God! Morgan Brownlow is going to start curing Spanish-style ham in Portland, Oregon. Or, so we think. Yesterday, WW's Scoop column tipped readers off that that Brownlow has a Seattle charcuterie in the works, and now pork-lusting Portlanders learn that something tasty is coming our way. A message sent to WW by Chef Brownlow today contained the following riddle regarding his pending Portland project.

Our parenthetical analysis appears in italics.

Morgan writes:
"Well it involves pork, yes."

(Pigs have hams, er, legs)
"And, some USDA certification."

(USDA=ham authoritative body)
"When I get the okay from my partners... I will let you know."

(Moolah in place)
"Think of one thing that is Spanish that we don't have, which is amazing."

(Suntans and HAM!!!)

How else can you explain this riddle?
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