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CSI+DIY = Bloody Puddle Pillow

bloody puddle pillow

[These aren't locally made, but we swear Portlanders would would love 'em.]

Want to take a nap? A long one? One of those deep sleeps that only the murdered can enjoy? It will take more than an ordinary pillow. It will require a bloody puddle pillow.

Artist Keetra Dean Dixon said she made the puddles seven months ago as a "pass it on" piece— work that is meant to live outside of the gallery and be passed from person to person, preferably with documentation. More recently, the macabre softies have been passed around the blogosphere, showing up on MAKE's blog and Neatorama.

Keetra, I want one. My blood weighs around 11.9 pounds. There's about 5 liters of it. To achieve the same amount of comfort your pillow appears to provide...I'd have to let out at least of liter of it, combine it with gelatin and let it congeal in a brownie pan, dump it out and then sprinkle the fur of a shaved Abyssinian kitten over the top. Yeah, way too much effort. It would be so much easier to just buy one. So Keetra, where can I, and the rest of Portland get one? It can make us smile.

We'll have to wait a bit longer: "You," Dixon wrote WW, "can get a Blood Puddle Pillow very soon. I am working to produce a run of them now. They should be available within the next 3 months at $50 a piece or less depending on production costs."

Hell. Yes. We're dying for a nap.

And Portland retail outlets, take note. This is gonna be a big holiday item. Huge. Order 'em now.

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