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Rick Emerson Show
Portland's favorite radio talk jock, Rick Emerson is launching himself back into the radio biz.
a pair of new online radio shows
Both shows will debut Monday, June 21.
stream for free, noon-1 pm weekdays on the locally hosted radio website A second, longer, $6.99-a-month subscription-based show
Alpha Broadcasting bought KUFO 101.1 and switched the station to a more douchebag-friendly lineup.
means the online radio spot now boasts most of KUFO's former weekday lineup...
Dylan and Nibler's popular drunken Funemployment Radio podcast has been gaining fans since debuting last November
True Blood
Turns out he was working on a book deal just as the KUFO show went off the air.
Listen to more about the future of the Rick Emerson Show, here, tomorrow.