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Rick Emerson to Debut Back-to-Back Online Radio Shows

Rick Emerson

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Seven months after KUFO booted the Rick Emerson Show crew off the air WW's breaking the news that Portland's favorite radio talk jock, Rick Emerson is launching himself back into the radio biz. This time, it's on his own terms, with a pair of new online radio shows with longtime local movie critic Dawn Taylor. Both shows will debut Monday, June 21.

Emerson says the first show, a sort of “CliffsNotes for pop culture and news,” will stream for free, noon-1 pm weekdays on the locally hosted radio website pdx.fm. A second, longer, $6.99-a-month subscription-based show will follow immediately afterward at 1 pm on rickemerson.com. He says it'll focuses on guests, interviews, stream of consciousness stuff and "the charmingly unfocused yet unrelentingly precise observations of daily minutiae" he's best known for. “It remains to be seen whether I am worth 32 cents a day,” he deadpanned.

The longtime pop culture ranting host of the Rick Emerson Show and his on-air crew of Sarah X. Dylan, Tim Reily and Greg Nibler all were fired last October, along with stationmates Cort & Fatboy, after Alpha Broadcasting bought KUFO 101.1 and switched the station to a more douchebag-friendly lineup. A veteran of many layoffs and format changes since he started his radio career two decades ago, past Emerson firings have prompted the show's committed legion of vocal fans to boycott Portland radio stations, wage coffee cup wars and Facebook onslaughts.

The addition of RES to pdx.fm's daily roster—which already hosts Cort and Fatboy—means the online radio spot now boasts most of KUFO's former weekday lineup...without all the constant Kings of Leon interruptions.

Emerson's not the only RES alum creating a buzz. Dylan and Nibler's popular drunken Funemployment Radio podcast has been gaining fans since debuting last November (full disclosure: I was on it recently to talk about WW's Drink Guide, True Blood, books involving dragons and my dog). The pair will soon pack up their commemorative whiskey bottles and beer cans in order to set up shop at the same recording studio that Emerson and Taylor have recently rented out to tape the shows. "I'm a huge fan of Dawn," Emerson mentions of his new on-air partner. "She's frighteningly smart and hilarious and hates all the same things that I do."

Radio seems to be just one facet of Emerson's future plans. Turns out he was working on a book deal just as the KUFO show went off the air. He won't reveal what it's about, but says this: "The pub date is tentatively scheduled for December. At that point you will not be able to escape my relentless whoring of the project."

Listen to more about the future of the Rick Emerson Show, here, tomorrow.
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