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Poison Idea Returns to the Stage with...Dead Moon!?

dead moonA week from Friday, Poison Idea will play their first show since much beloved guitarist Pig Champion passed away in January 2006. The local legends have played without Pig on and off for the last 10 years, and it seems they've waited a respectful amount of time to return to the stage.

Maybe you've already heard about the show somewhere. You probably thought, “Sweet! Lopez and Legend of Dutch Savage are playing too. But who the heck is Pierced Arrows? I've never heard of them. Why didn't my band get asked to play?”

Well, Pierced Arrows is a new band that features—get this—Fred and Toody Cole of Dead Moon. I had initially been told by a couple of sources that this information was secret, but it now appears on the flyer for the show shown below. May 18th will be the couple's first performance since they abruptly ended their 20-year stint with drummer Andrew Loomis as Dead Moon. There is no word yet on who else is playing in Pierced Arrows, but news that the Coles have a new band all but confirms what many suspected: It seems safe to assume that what ended Dead Moon was some sort of rift between Loomis and the rest of the band.

There is also no word yet on if Pierced Arrows will play material from Dead Moon or the Rats' (the Coles old, old band) catalogues. I wouldn't mind hearing some Rats tunes.

I'm thrilled that the Coles are back in music. Their talents are too great to lie dormant. I'm also glad that if they're going to play without Loomis they aren't using the Dead Moon name. They easily could have done that—Fred wrote the songs, and it's two against one. But whoever they're playing with now has big shoes to fill. Loomis' crossed-drunk eyes, his Jack Daniel's candle, and his perfectly appropriate, powerful-in-its-simplicity style was a big part of Dead Moon for me.

The Flyer:

Poison Idea Space

Photo: Made in Paint by me!

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