Ten 01 co-owner Adam Berger
chef de cuisine Eddie Robinson is gone
The Oregonian
Willamette Week
When Michael and I were approached with the opportunity to open ten 01 we were astounded and flattered. We had visions of a restaurant that would be right on the cutting edge of the Portland scene while remaining accessible to the casual diner. Our wine list would be top-notch -- our cocktail list, craveable. And our staff would be professional, yet retain their personality and provide our guests with the service they so desire.

We made mistakes and we've disappointed you. Now four months into this venture we've learned a few tough lessons and we're getting back to our roots. No, ten 01 will not be re-named Tabla West – but you will find me back in the kitchen. Our menu and service will reflect our long-standing commitment to simple cooking executed perfectly and consistently. Our vision is clear and we're well on our way to making this the restaurant you've anticipated.