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SPOTTED! My "Pal" Joey

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So if you're Joey Harrington and you're back in your Portland hometown to get married, don't you think you'd be scrambling (I'll try to make that my only cutesy reference to football and snarky allusion to Harrington's failing NFL career) to nail down details of the limo, band, church, china pattern, whatever?

NOT MY PAL JOEY! In true Harrington fashion, the QB is hitting events around town with the frequency the Dolphins wish he hit receivers. WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS, TOM BRADY?

But I saw MPJ and his fiancee Tuesday night on TV in the "Tom Potter seats" at the Trail Blazers game. And my colleague Byron Beck spotted him yesterday at the Whole Foods in the Pearl District (he was buying soup in case you really wanted to know).

Look, I know the guy is out there enough to have been on a 10-story billboard during happier days with my beloved Ducks, and I confess to a ManCrush of the highest order when I think of him tumbling into the end zone against Texas in the Holiday Bowl, but I think there's only one way we're going to get him focused on his nuptials and betrothed-to-be Emily Hatten.

Everybody, please comment here when you spot Joey out in public. I NEED TO KNOW.

And yes, you Beavers fans who love to bash my Ducks posts, feel free to insert your own snarky comments here as well.
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