soon-to-be-reopened Produce Row's pretty, new quasi-covered patio
Produce Row will reopen Saturday, June 12.
joining forces to create a special ProRow-only draught
tweaked menu of sandwiches
whisky-beer pairing menu
Expect a cozy atmosphere...including antique velvet sofas and club chairs, low lights, as well as art and curiosities procured from around the globe. Local craftsmen were used for many of the building and design efforts. All the booths are made by Think Designs located just blocks away in the Central Eastside Design District. The bar and extensive woodwork are mahogany wood and custom built by Axiom Designs in St. Johns. Grounding the space is a 15 foot solid butcher block community table that rests on old machine legs and seats 16.
Images: Sneak peek photos of Produce Row's new patio, built from a wood a mix of reclaimed wood from the old deck and new cedar siding, courtesy of Produce Row (204 SE Oak St., 232-8355)
Produce Row Patio 2