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Holy Matrimony, Batman! Couple to Wed on OHSU Tram Wednesday



Well, if the plan for the tram was to bring more romance to Portland, the ploy worked surprisingly well. Salem couple Dustin Hettman and Amber Gosnell is set to wed this Wednesday morning during the 5-minute flight up Pill Hill. Z100 morning host Buckhead will preside over the digest-length ceremony.

At around 9:00 on Wednesday morning, the couple will board the tram (will it be Walt or Jean?). Five minutes later they will exit at the top of the hill, legally bound in matrimony. Of course, if either gets cold feet, OHSU emergency staff will be close at hand to deal with the crisis.

It's all part of a Z100 morning show promotion. Six couples competed in a radio game show titled “The Soonly-Weds” which tested contestants' knowledge of their sweeties. Not only did Hettman and Gosnell know each other better than any other couple, they were the only pair not to miss a single question!

But Hettman says the couple had better know a lot about each other: They have lived together for three years and have a nine-month-old son, Nate.

So is this the wedding the couple always envisioned? “In a roundabout way,” says the groom, “It will definitely be fun.”

The couple, engaged since last August, had planned to have their wedding this October. Hettman says they are happy to have a tram wedding, but the reception will still happen in October as planned.

Z100 is hooking up the “soonly-weds” with a weekend honeymoon at Sun River and will provide cake and a toast during the reception. Both Hettman and Gosnell have family in and around Portland who will come to celebrate the union.

Morning show producer Dover said the station had to get “extensive special permission” to use the tram for the wedding.
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