NEW YORK (January 26-29, 2007) -- Portland's Cinema Syndicate film collective, lead by Sean McGrath, is one of five final teams (out of an original 1200 worldwide) competing this week at the 48 Hour Film Project HD Filmmaker Showdown festival in New York City.

If Syndicate's preliminary "Tooth and Nail" mockumentary about a vampire running for the Senate —yes, he drinks blood and sleeps with "succubus whores"—is any indication, the underdog team of comedy writers out of LiveWire Radio is poised to pull a major upset and take top prize: a Panasonic High Definition digital camera and some serious media attention.

The group's new film "The 'Rent Trap," written and directed this past weekend in only forty-eight hours, is about a celebrity who—after calling a child co-star a nasty, nasty word—tries to rehabilitate her career and image by adopting a toddler off of eBay.

About the film McGrath told WW, "If we win this thing, it's on the exploited shoulders of a three year old named Boone..." who in the film just happens to drive a SUV, Britney Spears-style, all by himself.

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