Nothing like curing a good New Year's hangover by waking up early in Portland on the first day of 2007 to watch a giant helium balloon launched into the air from under a bridge.

If you're looking to add a little activism into the mix for your New Year's plans, stop by the Steel Bridge this Monday at noon, where organizers from Southside DemocracyforAmerica plan to form a "family friendly" human chain, then consumate the event with the launch of their Bush & Cheney "Impeachment Balloon," an 8-foot advertising balloon emblazoned with 1.5 foot-tall letters reading, "IMPEACH BUSH AND CHENEY."

Russ Halberg, a member of Democracyfor America, says the organization is a group of "dedicated activists" working with City Council on an impeachment resolution for the past several months. Halberg hopes the event will be an opportunity to gather support for presidential impeachment (and a chance to create a great photo op).