December 15th, 2006 5:33 pm | by Lance Kramer News | Posted In: CLEAN UP

Storm Crisis!!!: School Daze


Good news today if you go to morning kindergarten classes in Portland (and if you're reading this, bravo for getting an early start in life on reading the news). You got the day off from coloring, and a “head start” on a three-day weekend. For all other students in PPS, the school system handed them an extra two hours to sleep-in this morning. Just enough time to perfectly craft an excuse explaining why the candlelight last night wasn't good enough for doing science homework.

Why were schools at the city's largest district shut down this morning? The area's worst storm in at least 10 years. Calls to the Communications Office at PPS this morning have not yet been returned. Probably have their hands-tied fielding a bunch of other storm-related calls from parents who had to dish out extra bowls of Cheerios while their kids soaked up bonus rounds of Cartoon Network.
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