Another woman has come forward accusing disgraced former Multnomah County Sheriff's Deputy Christopher Green of sexual impropriety while on the job, Wwire has learned.

In a lawsuit filed Monday in Multnomah County Circuit Court, Amanda Mortimer, 22, accuses Green of making her stand by the side of Columbia River Highway while "nearly completely nude" for more than 10 minutes while shining his flashlight on her body three years ago. The suit seeks at least $400,000 in damages from Green and the county.

The suit alleges that between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. on Dec. 13, 2003, Green came upon a parked car being used by Mortimer and an unidentified "male friend." After shining his flashlight into the car, Green then reached into the car and pulled Mortimer out, making her stand in the "cold, rain and fog" on the side of the "busy" highway, according to the lawsuit.

Green "illuminated her nude figure with his flashlight, as traffic passed the scene, exposing [Mortimer's] nudity to public scrutiny," the lawsuit says.

Green never called the stop into dispatch or "voluntarily wrote a report regarding the incident," it continues.

The male friend's mother filed a complaint with the Sheriff's Office the next day, which was investigated by the department's internal affairs unit. In April, the department closed the complaint saying it was unfounded and that Green had done nothing wrong or improper, the suit says. (The Sheriff's Office couldn't immediately confirm the lawsuit's account of the complaint and internal affairs investigation this afternoon.)

Starting in September of this year, other allegations of sexual impropriety involving Green began to surface. He was accused of making women reveal their bodies under the pretext of looking for a suspect with a flower tattoo. Last month he pleaded guilty to official misconduct and surrendered his law enforcement license.

After Green pleaded guilty, Mortimer was "injured, insulted, outraged and angry," the suit says. The suit claims Mortimer's action still falls within the 180-day statute of limitations because the other allegations corroborating her account just recently came to light.

The suit also accuses the county of "failing to reasonably train and supervise Green."