Local lawyer Brandon Mayfield, who was held for 14 days in connection with the Madrid train bombings in 2004, announced today that he's settled a damages suit with the federal government to the tune of $2 million.

Mayfield, who's Muslim and has a practice in West Slope, was arrested in May 2004 after the feds matched him to a fingerprint found on a plastic bag used by the terrorists in Spain – nevermind that he hadn't traveled internationally in over ten years.

While he was exonerated, and the FBI offered him a rare mea culpa, Mayfield hired high-powered trial lawyer Gerry Spence, as well as local attorney Elden Rosenthal, and sued the government.

With that part of his legal action now wrapped up, Mayfield says he'll continue to pursue his additional claim that the Patriot Act – which gave authorities the right to secretly search his home and tap his phones – is unconstitutional. Stay tuned.