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The Albina Ministerial Alliance's Views of Capt. Mark Kruger

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The Albina Ministerial Alliance Coalition for Justice and Police Reform is a frequent critic of the Portland Police Bureau. And we wondered in light of the concerns expressed by the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland over police Capt. Mark Kruger what the ministerial alliance thinks about the recent news surrounding Kruger.

Here's an insta-recap of the latest about Kruger, whose interest in Nazi memorabilia WW first reported in 2003. Last week The Oregonian reported that the Portland Police Performance Review Board has determined Kruger brought “discredit and disgrace upon the (police) Bureau and the City” by erecting plaques as part of a Nazi memorial in the Multnomah County park sometime between 1999 and 2001. The newspaper also reported the city attorney's office, which was defending Kruger as a city employee in lawsuits, “had stashed away” the plaques in a litigation file for at least six years.

The Albina Ministerial Alliance, which held a rally against police violence last month, says it has serious concerns about Kruger's ability to serve as a police officer.

“Would he be able to deal with someone in a non-biased way," asks Rev. T. Allen Bethel, the Albina Ministerial Alliance's president. "Or would he have some presupposed prejudice against certain individuals because of those (Nazi) principles and teachings?”

And Bethel says a police officer's personal beliefs and convictions should be investigated thoroughly.

“When there are persons who have ideologies and sympathies toward things that have been hurtful to people, we believe that should be looked into," Bethel says. "And that's information that needs to be known. Maybe some information would preclude an (officer) from serving in such positions.”

As for the evidence that was in the city attorney's office, Bethel says, if the city officials did in fact hold onto plaques in effort to protect Kruger, they should make a statement immediately as to why they did so.
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