drunken head-butts, a chef being ejected from a local bar and a pair of food-industry pros being arrested by the cops after a brawl over local vs. out-of-state pigs.
What did the Portland Police make of the situation?
Eric Bechard
Brady Lowe
What it all boils down to is that most of the witnesses say Bechard started the ruckus.
Travis Ingle
it contains the single most heartfelt reason for going out anywhere at night
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Bechard believes that Oregon chefs are way better than other chefs. Plus, when out-of-towners get hungry they go to strip clubs for food.
A witness confirms the infamous Iowa pig as the root of L'Affair Cochon:
Bechard attempted to "educate" Magic Garden patrons, and was thwarted by elbows.
The Portland Police finally explain what Cochon 555 actually is:
Buying local sometimes just isn't enough. Sometimes you have to defend your rabid locavore creed with your fists.