Mike Reese
Leslie Stevens
John Eckhart
Brian Martinek
Rosie Sizer
Sam Adams
Dan Saltzman
Dan Noelle
Chief Michael Reese has announced the following personnel changes:

Services Branch Assistant Chief Larry O'Dea, is moving to the Operations Branch. Current Operations Branch Assistant Chief Brian Martinek will remain with the Portland Police Bureau until July 1 and will be assisting AC O'Dea with the transition.

Captain Eric Hendricks, currently assigned to the Traffic Division, will be the new Assistant Chief of Investigations. Assistant Chief John Eckhart will remain with the Bureau until his retirement on July 2 and will be working with Captain Hendricks on the transition.

Director Leslie Stevens will remain in her current position until June 30. Her position of Police Professional Standards Manager is included in the proposed budget reduction and will be eliminated July 1.

The Assistant Chief of Services position will remain vacant at this time.

"I extend my sincere appreciation to Assistant Chief Martinek, Assistant Chief Eckhart and Director Stevens for their commitment and service to the Portland Police Bureau," said Chief Reese. "I also want to thank Assistant Chief O'Dea and Captain Hendricks for accepting their new positions and look forward to their leadership and collaboration."