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The Oregonian A&E
Oregon's paper of record devoted four pages to explaining why foodies (ahem, you) are assholes
"I am not a foodie. To me, food is what you eat, not what you pray to. Call them gourmands, connoisseurs, picky eaters, or just plain old snobs. Foodies blog, write and chat about pet restaurants, trends and chefs. They leave little room on their plates or in their hearts for fast food, family dining and the untrendy. And they can be pretty mean to some places we love."
cue trumpets for The O's long-awaited, post-Roger Porter direction in food coverage
biodynamic heirloom tomatoes
Popeyes chicken
but did anybody in Portland not already know about these establishments?
Restaurant Guide
The O
here's a little taste of the Guide
Thanks for reading and for your comments, everyone.

I want to weigh in here and explain a few things.

1. I think the term "guide" is possibly confusing, and I apologize for that. This story was not meant to be a dining "guide" in the sense of our annual Diner guide (where you can read about the restaurants we reviewed and recommended this year) or even our restaurant reviews.

None of the places written about here are being reviewed in this story. Instead, this is a feature story about chains and/or longtime restaurants that are generally ignored by the food media (including The Oregonian), but that have deep local roots.

2. The fun poked at "foodies" was meant to be funny, of course, not mean. I consider myself a foodie, too, and I found it humorous.

3. The opinions in the piece are those of one person, the writer (though fully endorsed and supported by me, the section editor), and are not indicative of any larger agenda by The Oregonian. Unlike Diner, this was not something that took months of planning or preparation or the formation of any committees. It was an A&E cover story, plain and simple.

4. That said, I think this story was a refreshing change from what we at The Oregonian normally write about dining in Portland. Don't get me wrong: I am proud of our Dining coverage of the higher-end hotspots (including the recent A&E cover story on six hot new places, by one of our regular restaurant contributors, Michael C. Zusman).

But let's face it: People do eat at these places, and, in a city packed with locavores, it's cool to know which chains are locally based, isn't it?

Again, thanks for reading and taking the time to discuss this. It's much appreciated.
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