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SMACKDOWN: Portland Feminist Action League vs Tucker Max (and Powell's Books)

Tucker Max

A heads up that you may want to be standing outside Powell's or very, very far away from Powell's Books around 7:30 pm this Friday night.

An email missive from the Portland Feminist Action League has been making the rounds announcing a "peaceful demonstration" this Friday, Oct. 15 to "tell Powell's To Stop Promoting Rape Culture!" The bookstore is doing so, in their opinion, by hosting a book signing (of Assholes Finish First) by professional asshole and ostensible writer Tucker Max. (The group has been running an email and Facebook campaign to kill the event since August.)

Here's why they're so pissed:
"On October 15th, Powell's is hosting Tucker Max, author of a slew of misogynistic books and articles that belittle, demean, and promote sexual exploitation and violence towards women (particularly fat women), people with disabilities, and people of color.

Read more about him here: http://socialistworker.org/2009/10/01/does-he-think-rape-is-funny

...Or, if you're feeling particularly masochistic, you can peruse his website: http://www.tuckermax.com/

Please help us convince Powell's that its not acceptable to host and promote an event that glorifies gendered violence.... We will not be entering Powell's, and stress that this is a peaceful demonstration. We do not plan to engage at all with Tucker Max or staff inside the building, and PFAL will distance ourselves from more confrontational action that people may or may not choose to take.

...To clarify, we are not asking Powell's to sell (or not sell) any particular books. Censorship is certainly not a feminist value that I, for one, advocate.

However, we are asking that Powell's not host a book signing event for an author whose works glorify abject sexual violence towards women. We don't ask that they take his books off the shelf...we just ask that they rethink the decision to give him event time and space."

Agree that Portland's unofficial headquarters hosting a fratty dickwad is a cause worth protesting? The league, which has staged protests against PETA's "sexist and offensive" ads (involving large women in bikinis and the word blubber) and protested anti-abortion protesters protesting Planned Parenthood in the past few years, invites interested parties to meet at Reading Frenzy at 6:30 pm tomorrow for the demonstration. FYI: Sensitive men of Portland, you could score major points for standing in solidarity with your enraged womenfolk. Just a tip...
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