Sierra Club
John Kitzhaber
Bill Bradbury
On the Republican side, the Sierra Club also assessed the candidacies of Allen Alley and Chris Dudley. While Alley deserves credit for participating in the gubernatorial debate sponsored by the Sierra Club, he failed to fill out a written questionnaire. His answers in the debate revealed too much reliance on market forces to create new technologies to address environmental problems, while offering few real-world policy solutions to address these challenges, or measures to encourage or push the market to develop solutions over the next four to eight years.

Meanwhile, Chris Dudley's absence from the debate and failure to fill out a questionnaire demonstrated both an apparent lack of ideas on the types of environmental policies he would support or oppose, and a lack of interest in talking to conservation organizations about the future of Oregon. Dudley appears not to grasp that environmental protection is a mainstream Oregon value shared by voters across the political spectrum. To borrow a quote from Allen Alley: “If you're not willing to defend your positions… in front of the Sierra Club, then you don't deserve to be governor.”
“The Sierra Club rarely makes dual endorsements, but in this case it was particularly appropriate. Oregon, the public at large, and Sierra Club members who want to see environmental leaders in Salem will all be well served by either John Kitzhaber or Bill Bradbury as Oregon's next governor,” stated Ivan Maluski, Conservation Program Coordinator for the Oregon Chapter Sierra Club.