October 13th, 2010 5:33 pm | by Riley Hooper News | Posted In: CLEAN UP, CLEAN UP

Support a Local Bra Designer...and Your Boobies


Local art bra designer Rebecca Priest wants you to feel your boobies, and she's employed plastic ponies to get you to do so. She's entered a cute one-minute video featuring her wackiest bra designs to the Feel Your Boobies Foundation's YouBoob contest. Set to The Nutcracker's “Russian Dance” song, the video features bras she's crafted out of plastic ponies, milk jugs, cones, funnels and cabbage—just to name a few—and reminds you to protect your boobies, love your boobies and most importantly feel them, to check for breast cancer.

The contest is determined by online voting and the winner receives $10,000. If Priest wins, she'll use the money to kick-start her dream of “becoming a becoming a ‘real' bra designer.” Why should you vote for her video? Because it's creative and well made—and, as Priest says, “because high school students and amateur porn actresses have a lot of friends but terrible videos.”

Vote for her video at http://youboob.feelyourboobies.com/contests/showentry/502821.
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