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Guess Who Kitzhaber Wants to Face in the General Election?

Storm Large & Allen Alley at Candidates Gone Wild, Fall '08

Political junkies know that the political blog Blue Oregon can at times be a mouthpiece for clients of its co-founder Kari Chisholm.

Chisholm's company, Mandate Media, creates websites for many Democratic politicians, including ex-Gov. John Kitzhaber, who is seeking the nomination for his old office (and yes, Chisholm discloses his affiliations when he posts on Blue Oregon).

And since Blue Oregon's left-tilting writers normally ignore stories about Republicans unless they cast the GOP in a negative light, you can safely read one thing into today's Chisholm-written post about last night's GOP gubernatorial debate titled "KGW Debate: Allen Alley Crushes Chris Dudley." The post is shorthand for the Kitzhaber campaign's hope that Dudley, the former Portland Trail Blazer, with his name recognition and prodigious fund-raising ability, is left sitting on the bench after the May 18 GOP primary.

(The photo above of Alley, the former Pixelworks CEO, with singer Storm Large comes from the 2008 Candidates Gone Wild event. Alley was running for state treasurer in that election.)
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