Spencer Burton
of-the-people message across Portland

"Like Most of You"
Like most of you I've been up and I've been down,
I've been hungry and I've been blue and wondered if I'd ever make it through.
And from my pain my heart has opened, my empathy has deepened
and my love has grown.
And from my journey my soul has awakened and I've become aware
of my connection to all of you and to the earth.
And through the process I've grown stronger, more resilient, independent and free.
Most of my life I've been restless but finally I feel deeply rooted like an old oak tree.
I am a educated working man, with a big heart, and I will fight for you.
I will fight for those that are forgotten, the weak, the powerless,
the voiceless, and the earth.
I will stand up and I will listen to you.
To be the champion of the common man and woman
To be the conduit, to be the flow
To be the loving vibration that you long to know
To be the spark, to be the light in the dark
To speak of love in the night
From village to village
I will plant my flag and raise the banner high
and bring a new heart and spirit into politics.

(Copies available at Food Front Co-op on Northwest Thurman Street.)